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Superbowl Party

Superbowl LIII is just about a week away and this year we have the added excitement of seeing it all go down in our home town! The city of Atlanta is in a frenzy getting ready for the big game. If you are like most of us, you can't afford the $3K+ ticket price to see the game in person, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate in a big way! Don't be intimidated by throwing a Superbowl party. It is truly one if the easiest get togethers to coordinate. Use these easy tips and get up close and personal to the action in your own home without the traffic, crowds and crazy price tag!


Go electronic for this one. It is the quickest and easiest way to get the word out and makes managing the guest list a snap. Evite even lets you customize settings so guests can volunteer to bring items and upload pictures after the event.


Food doesn't need to be fancy but should be easy and portable. Stick to the basics:

  • Set up a Nacho Bar with portable toppings so guests can customize.

  • Make ahead fruit kabobs are portable and healthy.

  • Set out snack bags for chips so your guests can fill them and get back to the game.

  • Pre-order wings from your favorite local restaurant. You can pick them up before the game and buy cardboard wing boxes from party city. My personal favorite is Loyal Q. They have some great Super Bowl packages when you pre-order.

  • Have lots of napkins and paper plates on hand. Most guests will be grazing and use several of each.


What goes better with football than beer? Make sure to have plenty on hand in an assortment of light beers, IPAs and Lagers. I like to showcase local brews as Atlanta has a growing assortment of fantastic options and most are readily available in the supermarket. Along with beer, offer one type of red, one type of white and an assortment of soft drinks and water. Check our drink planning guide to figure out how much alcohol and soft drinks to buy. And don't forget the ICE. One pound per person per hour is a safe bet.

Create several drink stations throughout the party space. Designate at least one for the alcohol and place separate drink containers with water and soda throughout. Here are a few of my favorite tips for keeping guests hydrated:

  • Tie a bottle opener to every drink container, preventing them from getting misplaced.

  • Provide wine glass pens so guests can label their glass upon arrival.

  • Cut down on discarded half full cups by providing tags for solo cups with a space for guests to write their names (don't forget the Sharpies!).

  • Fill empty water bottles with water and freeze them to place them in the drink containers. They will stay frozen as the individual ice cubes melt and you can store extras in your freezer to be used as needed.


Double and triple check your AV situation the day before. Make sure you have enough volume on the TV and have the game on multiple screens if possible. Plan for the unexpected! Set your DVR to record the game in case the TV gets inadvertently turned off or the power goes out. You will want to be able to rewind for spectacular commercials or controversial plays.


If you have a big group there is likely to be alot of mingling so plan for lots of seating and open space. If you are not lucky enough to have a media room, make your own by moving bulky furniture out of the way if you need to. Create additional seating with some inexpensive rental chairs, camp chairs or simply grab a bunch of extra throw pillows and blankets and create some comfy floor seating.


Chances are they may be young children attending, so setting up a kids area is a nice touch. Coloring books, puzzles, crafts that aren’t too messy, and board games are all great activities. Enlist an older child to be the designated "babysitter" so the parents can focus on the game.

For kids and also for those guests that are "just there for the commercials", provide a fun Super Bowl Commercial Bingo game to help pass the time between plays. Gridiron Games has free, downloadable bingo sheets available online.


Make clean up easier by making sure there are plenty of visible trash cans around the house. Repurpose large laundry baskets if necessary and line the bottom of every can with three extra bags which will make swapping them out fast and easy.

I visited Good Day Atlanta this week to share my tips. Check out the video below:

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